Yoga The Perfect Antidote to A Desk Bound Existence


All the years of sitting down at a desk has really taken it toll

So, I’m writing this email on the computer at my newly constructed standing desk.

Having been in the software development trade since starting University in 2003. I have spent a lot of time hunched over a desk, as you can well imagine.

Sitting down for hours at a time. Sometimes for up to 16 hours a day (if I was trying to hit a deadline or get something delivered). Has had a real impact on my health and wellbeing. I’ve had recurring lower back issues since my University days and over the past few years I have had a lot of upper back, neck and shoulder problems.

The joys of a standing desk

I started using a standing desk a good few years ago after reading an article titled something like “Sitting is death”. Also heard a fitness guru saying it is worse for your body than smoking (I really do disagree with that statement).

To start with it was very tiring. I wasn’t used to relying on all the little muscles that you need to stand up for any length of time. Things got better though and standing seems to have helped my lower back issues. Problem is I only have a standing desk at home. If I ever head into the office, I’m still working on a laptop or PC on a cramped little desk, sitting on a terrible chair which is trying to be “one size fits all”. No wonder my shoulder and neck issues persist.

Anyway, I’m waffling on. I’ve blocked time this afternoon to do a stretch session…

Good thing I’ve always been pretty active, always out running, cycling, off to the gym, playing football. It has helped to combat the sitting at a desk for all those hours.

Recently, I was at my wits ends with the upper back and shoulder issues. So, I decided to see if going for a massage would help? I booked in for a deep tissue massage which seemed to really ease the soreness. Talking to the lady that owned the place, she said I really needed to start doing Yoga. “This will most certainly help with the types of ailments you are dealing with”.

Yoga practice as a counter-balance

I have completely forgotten about the yoga classes I had attended for a few weeks, 3 years earlier…

The yoga classes I attended were arranged and paid for by the tech company I was working for, to help again counter the desk sitting.

That’s when it hit me…

I wonder if I could put something together to help software developers in the form of yoga practice…

With the Coronavirus lockdown in full effect, no yoga classes were open. Could I put together some sort of online membership site for developers? Guiding them through a range of yoga videos or courses to help counter act all the sitting. Allowing them to do some form of yoga when it suits them?

I know a lot of my developer friends were struggling as their makeshift desks at home were amplifying some of their back and shoulder pain.

I had to do some research…

Getting a list of yoga studios in my local area, I decided I would drop them all an email to see what they thought of the idea and if it was possible?

I composed quote a long email detailing my idea and how it would work…

Quickly reach people using email

I sent a bulk email to the 15 email addresses I had found and used a tracking feature to see if the emails were delivered. If so, who opened and clicked the emails.

Luckily for once, I must have worded the email correctly. Making sense is not normally my strong point…

A few interested parties replied. Had a phone call with a lady who has been thinking about taking her business online. A nice little partnership could be forming here.

I going on again aren’t I???

If you are sending a lot of emails from Outlook and finding that you aren’t getting any replies. Our email tracking can definitely help you see if your emails are being delivered. Then if people are reading them and clicking your calls to action.

Sounds good? You can sign up here:

Okay, I’m off to stretch, wish me luck…



P.S. After a bit of digging, chatting to other developers and the programming community. It looks like my idea for “yoga for developers” doesn’t have legs. A lot of them weren’t interested. Ah well, another idea “validated” as it were.

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