Who Is Phillip Hughes?

Just a guy, who is trying to figure out this thing called life.
Coder. Creator. Caveman. Coffee Fiend.
Loves exercise. Enjoys fishing. Plays Guitar.

Hi, I'm Phil
I’m a software developer, turned entrepreneur, building software and digital products, and helping others do the same.
I have always had an interest in computers, even from a young age. Got a spectrum ZX 128K when I was 4, my first PC at 13. Been tinkering with software ever since.
After studying for a Computing Science degree. I started working as a Software Developer in mid-2007. After a few years, I knew the corporate world wasn’t for me. That’s when this journey I’m currently on started.
Over the last decade I worked on many side projects, “hustles” as they have now become known. The majority that I’ve worked on was with other people. Becoming technical founder for a couple of start-ups along the way. As you can imagine, I’ve built many software products, mobile apps, and websites over the last 10+ years.
Then, in 2018, I decided to focus on starting my own digital products-based business. My main focus since then has been to build and market an online software product (known as SaaS) to bring me passive income. With the goal of earning money while you sleep.
I’ve also created other digital products to help others get started, or optimize their solopreneur business. Even finding the time to build a mobile app on the side, which I’m hoping to grow along with my other businesses.
When I not working on my own products. I work with small businesses as a consultant, helping them with their digital transformations.




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19th April 2024 – The Coach Mac Podcast: How to make sure AI doesn’t kill us

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Guest Articles

7th May 2024 – The Daily MBA: From Idea to MVP In 14 Days: Part 1
I’ve wanted to build and launch my own WordPress Plugin for years. But no idea has ever gripped­­ me enough to go all in and start figuring it out. Until recently.

8th December 2020 – The Daily MBA: My New Side Hustle Mantra: Progress Over Perfection.
“Progress over perfection”. I’ve written this on the whiteboard next to my standing desk in the home office/guitar studio/mancave/junk room.
Starting A Blog
How Email Marketing Can Help Promote Your Freelancing Business


I love working with people to help them with the digital transformation.
If you have an idea for a digital product, and don’t know where to start. Or if you have project underway, and are struggling to take it to the next level, then let’s chat.
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