Where Do I Start?

If your a software developer, or work in a technical role. Even if you're looking to start your own side project. Time is money.

I've created a range of resources of things I've learned. Both working as a coder for tech start-ups and FTSE 100 business. And from 10+ years worth of experience starting and running businesses in my spare time.


10x your productivity with this one simple hack

10X Your Productivity - Free

Discover this simple, yet effect technique. used by software teams at google, facebook, apple and amazon. which helps them be ultra-productive and get shit done!

Notion Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker - Pay What You Like

A personal tracking system that helps you create better habits. “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your system.” – James Clear, author of Atomic Habits.

GTD Framework Template using Notion

GTD Notion Template - Paid

A timeless framework that helps you free up your time. GTD® Framework is a widely recognised task management system to help you get clear, organized and get more done.

Productivity Bootcamp Course

Productivity Bootcamp - Paid

Productivity Bootcamp is a 4 part course, that helps you to get more done. Spend less time on the mundane. And more time doing what you love. Building software.

Online Business

Online Business Systemization

Online Business Systemization - Paid

Learn how systemizing and automating your online business can finally free up your time so you can focus your energy on growing your business.

Mailerlite Masterclass course

MailerLite Masterclass - Paid

Udemy said I should create this! Get the most out of MailerLite. Helping you get more subscribers, find more leads and make more sales using email. Whatever your online business may be.