Starting A Side Hustle, The Frustrations, Trials and Tribulations (Part 1)

Phil July 11, 2019
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Starting A Side Hustle, The Frustrations, Trials and Tribulations (Part 1)

A month or so ago I wrote a blog post about what I have learned from failed side hustles. Reflecting on what I have tried to get off the ground over the years. It was very therapeutic to do as it gave me a raft of positives from what I had deemed as negative experiences.

However, as I still haven’t found “that one thing” that has gained traction and become what I deem a proper side hustle. I thought I would start a series of blog posts documenting the frustrations I am having with starting a side hustle.

My goal is to not go on for hours about how hard or how easy it is. It is more of a brain dump/rant of what I’m currently experiencing. So, what has my experience been like over the past month or two.

It Is Actually Bloody Hard

I have read so many books and articles. Listened to endless podcasts and audio-books about people starting successful projects. Then make the transition to being able to work for themselves. It sounds like it is easy. Well it isn’t.

I recently listened to a podcast where they managed to do $10,000 worth of sales in the first week after launch. Good for her. I keep asking myself the question “What am I doing wrong, why can’t I mirror these people’s success?”.

I have been grafting on a few projects and ideas over the past month. Here is what I am finding.


  • Lack of marketing skills. I am countering this by signing up for a few online courses and just trying to get started with a basic marketing plan.
  • No clear product direction. I have been playing with a certain project for over 12 months. The project is live for people to use, but I have zero users because I don’t know what problem to solve for potential users.
  • Finding people who are willing to offer their time so I can do market research is tough. Along with conducting the research. I’m inexperienced at it and for some reason put if off (as it doesn’t come naturally to me).
  • Too many ideas. I have a few things that are taking up space in my head. Can’t seem to focus and I keep flipping between different ideas and projects.


  • Running two ad campaigns on Reddit to test the water of two ideas I have. Both campaigns direct users to a one page website. I am hoping to get an email list of people that may be interested in using the product. My current subscriber count is ZERO.
  • Running a Facebook ads campaign to try and get users to a website that is an online community. So far I have had one sign up, which wasn’t from one of the ads.
  • Created a full blown marketing site to promote the project that is live. Told that it is to techny and probably won’t work in attracting users.


  • I keep changing tactics and direction with my live project. This week I was given a piece of advice in which the direction to promote my project. Which is where I was heading 6 months ago. Very annoyed at myself at not staying on this track and feel I have gone backwards.
  • Seems I am getting nowhere fast. People say it’s good as you are “finding what doesn’t work”. This isn’t giving me any solace. It’s just adding to my overall “pissed off mood”.
  • It is a slow process. Having tried for years to find a successful side project. Starting from scratch again and again is totally demoralising.
  • Having a full-time job and other commitments just adds to the difficulty and stress of the whole process.
  • There isn’t another option. It’s not as if I can say, I’m going to give that up. I don’t want to work 9-5 anymore for someone else. I want to be “master of my own destiny” and work how and when I want.

There you have it. This is part one of my regular rant about starting a side hustle.

I’m hoping over the coming weeks and months that it will become more positive and not just a complete slog. Which it currently feels like.

Thanks for reading starting a side hustle. Would like to hear your thoughts. Phil

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