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BDD Is The New King. TDD Is Dead, Long Live BDD

Phil February 27, 2020
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Long Live BDD
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I was first introduced to the BDD framework in April 2016. Thought it was brilliant and been have using the framework in my projects ever since. It is a great way to design a p... read more

What I Learned From Failed Side Hustles

Phil May 15, 2019
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What I Learned From Failed Side Hustles
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Since 2010 I have been involved with a number of side hustles. Nearly a decade at time of writing this post, that is depressing. My goal was to start working for myself. I hope... read more

Feature Switching – Toggle off Your Production Headaches

Phil May 9, 2019
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Feature Switching
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I have worked in numerous businesses over the years. On many different types of projects from Windows apps, all the way through to popular service based websites. Each business... read more

Proof of Concept Website – Umbraco Cloud On Azure

Phil March 24, 2018
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Umbraco cloud
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Umbraco Cloud Hosting on Microsoft Azure I was asked to research two technologies I had a keen interest in, to see if they could work together and be used as the basis of an Ent... read more

Quickly Deploy An API – Using Apigility

Phil March 6, 2018
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Quickly Deploy an API
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In a previous blog post I discussed building a custom CMS for a business a few friends and I had started (the business is still going, you can find our website here). The de... read more

Building a Custom CMS – Using Codeigniter

Phil February 26, 2018
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Building a Custom CMS
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Many projects or products nowadays require you to manage data on a day to day basis. With many “off the shelf products” helping you do this. What happens if you need to buil... read more