Pre-send Checklist Before You Send An Email


How to stop making mistakes. A 7 point pre-send checklist for sending emails.

I don’t want to take up too much of your time today. So, I will keep my intro short… You need a pre-send checklist… There I said it.

In a few of my blog posts and newsletters I have mentioned how important it is to have a pre-send email checklist…

If you find yourself getting nervous as you start composing an email. Use this checklist as a guide to mitigate risks and give you confidence in writing and sending emails.

Write your content before you start composing the email.

If I’m at home I use Microsoft Word (Autosaves to OneDrive), or I use Google Docs, so that I can easily share with people if they are helping me write the email.

Compose your email and then double check.

Content: look at dates, times (always consider time zones, we are a global community these days) capitalization, italicization, etc.

Hyperlinks: do they work?

Emails: your from address, reply-to address, and friendly from—do want your email sent “on behalf” of a person or your organization?

Subject line: errors in your subject line automatically put people off. Make sure you triple check this one.

Send yourself a test.

Use the previous tip to double, triple check every part of the email. Also look at your preheader text. Is it the text you want your recipients to read when deciding whether or not to open your email?

Double check your preheader text.

It’s an overlooked part of email, but could make all the difference as far as your open rates are concerned.

Look for design flaws.

Previewing your email before you send is great way to review how your email will look when it lands in your recipients inbox.

If you want to take design testing to another level, I recommend you take a look at tools like Litmus or Email on Acid. Both will show you how your email looks in major desktop and mobile mailbox providers.

Send a test to a friend or colleague.

If you can get someone else to read over your email. A fresh pair of eyes tend to find mistakes that you may have missed.

Double check your list and segments.

Does the total number of recipients look correct? Are you sending to multiple lists? Are they the right lists?

Press send!

Don’t stress if you make mistakes, everyone does. Hopefully this checklist will help you reduce the risk of that happening.

Thanks for reading.


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