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Good email subject lines for an introduction

Compose good email subject lines to introduce yourself or an associate.

It can be difficult (and scary) trying to introduce yourself to new people. Mastering the art of introductions face to face is a challenge, trying to do it from an email can be a real struggle.

I recently had an email that was along the lines of “Wow, it’s nearly Halloween, have you heard about these spooky goings on in your area”. I opened the email out of interest. It turned out the email was from a recruitment consultant trying to grab my attention about new jobs.

This instantly put me into defence mode. I deleted this email straight away after checking which company it was from. “Won’t be dealing with them”. Grabbing peoples attention with dishonesty or with an ulterior motive is sure fire way to burn bridges before you have even laid the first foundation.

So how do you introduce yourself via email? Below are 5 email subject lines and how they may work for you.

Ask for an introduction to a specific person.

The shortest distance between you and a person is another person. In this case your existing contacts.

With excellent tools at your disposal such as LinkedIn. You can find the person you want to be introduced to and see if you have any connections in common.

A referral from a trusted connection is the best way to reach a someone, who is more than likely already extremely busy. If you do have a mutual contact, you want to make it quick and painless for this contact to introduce you to a specific person. This is how you could do it.


Introducing me to James Jones at Company Y.


Hi X,

I noticed you are connected to James Jones at Company Y on LinkedIn. I would love to chat with them to get some advice about Company Y.

Would you mind introducing me. I can send you a pre-formatted email to make things really each for you.

Is that OK?

If the person you are reaching out to agrees to introduce you. Here is the next email that you forward onto your contact.


James, Meet Jeff (considering interviewing at Company Y). Jeff meet James.


X, Here’s the email to forward on. It should be ready to send. Please feel free to edit as needed.

Thanks, Jeff

Jeff, please meet James, who is a director at Company Y.

James, Jeff is a contact of mine, currently a [job title] at [company]. He is excellent at software development and is curious about some of the opportunities at Company Y. He wondered if you could spare 10 minutes to chat.

Jeff, can you take if from here?

These two subject lines and emails are great way to reach a potential new contact via a mutual connection. Very effective.

Chat about them and how you can help.

What is everyone’s favourite subject? Themselves! Do not start out by asking for help or chatting about what you are doing. Instead, show interest in them or their business and offer value or some information upfront.


Hi from John – interested in chatting about Company X

Email Structure:-

You need to then structure your email to engage with them

  • Introduce yourself and compliment the person/business
  • Discuss 2-3 problems relating to their business
  • Give a brief description of an achievement of yours that is relevant to the problems.
  • Be honest and detail your intent
  • Present your offer and add a call to action, such as scheduling a coffee or call.

This works by showing the recipient that you have researched their company and potential issues they maybe having. Informing them that you are willing to provide help and solutions, backed up with experience. Without asking for anything in return.

Build a relationship by asking their opinion.

This works in a similar way to the previous subject line and email. By asking someone for their thoughts, experience and opinions within a domain. You are showing that you think they are an expert in that particular area.

Because of this, they maybe willing to reply, enabling you to build up a relationship.


New marketing hire — would love to pick your brain.

Email Structure:-

The email content can be short and sweet, making it easier for them to read and make a snap decision to reply or not.

  • Introduce yourself and your business (James, new marketing manager at X)
  • How you came across this person, word of mouth or researching a topic
  • Ask for their thoughts. “I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the new eRobot AI project – is it for real or just hype?”
  • Again add a call to action, coffee or a quick meeting.

You may need to do a little digging to make sure the person has the domain knowledge you are discussing.

Asking thought leaders about subjects they are passionate about and experts in will increase your chance of the introductory email working. Helping you build a relationship.

Reaching out to a recommended contact.

Let’s say you have been out to lunch with a business contact. They mentioned their friend who maybe able to help you and they forwarded this persons email address to you.

You can introduction yourself using the following method,

Subject line:-

Greetings from a fellow author / [Friends name] recommended I contact you.

Email Structure:-

The email content should all be about flattery and how they are where you want to get too.

  • Who recommended this person. Flatter the person you are emailing and make your friend look good in the eyes of that person.
  • Give a bit of background and context about you and your projects. Finish with a statement and ask their opinion. “The software industry does leave a lot to be desired, don’t you think?!”
  • Flatter again be asking “to compare notes” and ask about their next project.
  • Ask an active question, again with flattery. “Are you available for a coffee next Tuesday? At your amazing offices”

Using this subject line and email structure works because are being positive about their work and your friend. As well as showing you respect them as they are at a “higher status” than you and that you can learn a lot from them.

Follow up from a face to face meeting.

I regularly use MeetUp.com and attend different get together’s and conferences. These type of events are great for meeting people who may be perfect to build a relationship with.

However, it can be tough to follow up after a face to face meeting. You will want to impress, without sounding arrogant.

This email subject line and content should be a great follow up template and intro.


Met you at Acme Conference – tall software dev guy.

You need to reference yourself in a way that the person may remember. It could be they met 20 people that day and aren’t able to put names to faces.

Email Structure:-

  • Say where and when you met. Give more information about you and your background to jog their memory further. Be nice saying it was a pleasure to meet them.
  • Go into detail about the things you discussed. Also send them something they may find interesting, related to what you discussed. Such as an attachment to a report or blog post link. Offer something of value.
  • Finish with a clear call to action finishing with “Will that work for you?”

There is a similar theme with all these templates. Help people and bring them value first. Give and don’t expect to receive, you maybe surprised with what happens.

There you have it. 5 good email subject lines for an introduction. These aren’t designed for cold emailing or just blasting out information to a load of email addresses.

However, if you have someone who you genuinely want to build a relationship with. These subject line should put you on the front foot in starting the relationship building process.

Thanks for reading


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