TT #005: Tech ‘Health’ Products Actually Stress You Out

Tech 'health' products actually stress you out

The title may go against everything you think I stand for. I don believe some tech health products have negative effects I love tech, software, and gadgets, from the latest soundbar to new productivity app, organizing my day. As Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Because a product can do something and […]

TT #004: Need For Free, Want For A Fee

Product Leg Growth, known as PLG

This week I thought I would talk about something I’m contemplating, PLG. I’m thinking about how I could put in place something in one of my businesses. It would mean a change to the business model and involve some work. Would it open up the product to more users though? It’s a phrase that a […]

TT #003: I’ve a Software Product Idea But I’m Not Technical

Email Stuck In The Outbox? Outlook Not Sending Your Email?

I’ve spoken to so many people over the years that have a software product idea. Many don’t come from a technical background, and have never even tried to move forward with an idea. It can be tough to even think about starting if you haven’t been in the industry. You shouldn’t let that stop you. […]

TT #002: Validating Your Online Business Idea

Validating your online business idea is the single most important thing you can do

When you come up with that first online business idea, you get excited as a kid at Christmas. It drives you to start planning out all the ideas you have for it. Coming up with ways you could promote and market your idea. Then your imagination runs wild, “this time next year….” I wish this […]

TT #001: So You Have An Online Business Idea

So you have an online business idea

Before I go into this week’s topic about your online business idea. I wanted to give you why I’ve started this weekly newsletter. If you’ve had an email from me before. Or listened to my podcast, you may know that I’ve been building side hustles and online businesses for over a decade now. I’ve learned […]