Spending My Time Working on Side Hustles and Other Projects

Spending My Time Working on Side Hustles and Other Projects

Making the most of my downtime working on side projects I may have mentioned in a previous blog post, I’ve been put on reduced hours. I’m down to a 3 day week. It’s not all bad. Apart from all the extra time to work on our house and be out in the gardens. I’ve been […]

DIY and Gardening. Since When Have I Become So Middle Aged

DIY and gardening. Since when have I become so middle aged

Making the most of the ‘Lockdown’ So, I’ve not been working as much. Recently gone down to a 3 day week for a month or two due to the Coronavirus. It’s been all DIY and gardening On the flip side it’s given my wife and I more time to plan and work on our house. […]

My Car Finally Gave Up On Me Last Week 😢😤

My car finally gave up on me last week

The Joy’s of Car Ownership. So, my car finally packed in on me last week, it has been on the cards for a while now. I have had this beat up 2005 Ford Focus for years now. In all fairness it hasn’t done me to much injustice. Well apart from breaking down on me on […]

Starting A Side Hustle, The Frustrations, Trials and Tribulations (Part 2)

Starting a side hustle part two

It’s been a while since I have blogged about starting a side hustle. I’ve been terrible at writing new posts about my trials and tribulations. I promised that I would post regular updates (8 months isn’t regular). So, without further ado. Here is what I have been up to, and what frustrations, trials and tribulations […]

What I Learned From Failed Side Hustles

What I Learned From Failed Side Hustles

Since 2010 I have been involved with a number of side hustles. Nearly a decade at time of writing this post, that is depressing. My goal was to start working for myself. I hoped that one or more of these side hustles would take off and bring in an income that I could live on. […]