Codeigniter – Extending One Install To Handle Multiple Sites

Codeigniter – Extending One Install To Handle Multiple Sites

In a previous blog post I talked about building a custom CMS, that allowed us to manage data that was displaying in a mobile app. I managed to get a basic version of the CMS up and running. We had been using it for a good 12 months to manage the data without too many […]

Proof of Concept Website – Umbraco Cloud On Azure

Umbraco cloud

Umbraco Cloud Hosting on Microsoft Azure I was asked to research two technologies I had a keen interest in, to see if they could work together and be used as the basis of an Enterprise Solution for a big client. It had been decided an Umbraco cloud website running on Azure should be used as […]

Building a Custom CMS – Using Codeigniter

Building a Custom CMS

Many projects or products nowadays require you to manage data on a day to day basis. With many “off the shelf products” helping you do this. What happens if you need to build a custom CMS for your project? Tailoring the solution to work exactly as you would like. There a so many things that […]