Websites & Hosting

I have created this resource page to share which websites, products and services for my blog. Hopefully it may be helpful to other bloggers. I will be updating this page as and when I find a resource worth mentioning.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that some of the link and products detailed below are affilate links and I will earn a commission if you buy through those links. I use all the products and services listed below. I would not recommend them if I didn’t believe in what they are offering. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about anything detailed in the resources.


I have used WordPress for numerous blogs and websites, it’s not always suitable depending on the needs of your site. WordPress is relatively easy to install and setup. I’m a computer geek by trade, so I may have a bit of an advantage over other bloggers.

Once installed I found it easy to use which enabled me to work out the structure of my site very quickly. As it is extremely popular you can find all sorts of themes and plugins to enhance your site.


Akismet – No one likes being spammed. Akismet is a great tool to prevent spam comments from getting injected into your blogs posts or site.

TSO Hosts

I have used TsoHosts for a good few years now. For both my personal and professional website hosting and businesses and project I have been involved with.

Their admin area is pretty good to be fair. One of the things I like is you get LetEncrypt SSL certificates and email hosting as part of the basic package.