How to Build an API in 7 Days (or less!)

Learn how to build a database-driven API in less than a week using CodeIgniter, so you can get on and develop ‘that app idea’ - even if you only have a few months’ programming experience

Nothing beats the thrill of a fresh idea. A vision appears as if out of nowhere. An app, a piece of software, a simple tool that could transform the world… it sets you buzzing with energy.

Suddenly, you’re dreaming in product features.

You need to “ship within the month” -- even one day’s delay doesn’t bear thinking about.

So, you sit down to plan what’s next.

You lay the structure of your idea on paper but, as quickly as your vision came to pass, a new realisation sets in -- before you can do anything at all….

--You need to build an API.

As it doesn’t matter that you have the data. Nor that you know how to structure it. 

….until you have a working API, you’re stuck with an idea - nothing more.

Frustration sets in.

It’s your day of reckoning. 

You know you can’t afford to wait, but can you afford a developer??

Truth be told, you’d rather not have to. The thought of paying a stranger £’000s(!), when you have some basic programming knowledge - you could probably even piece the app together yourself.

It’s just….

--What does it take to build an API?!?

How do you expose all the necessary data that your app will rely on? Connecting a database to this real-world application so that it can actually start to work?? No clue, limited time to research….

….you’re back at square one.

So, where -- to -- next?

  • Think how energised you would feel if you had a way to develop your API with minimal fuss, only basic technical know-how and next-to-no experience? 
  • Imagine if you could sit down one evening and create a fully-functional API in just a few hours?
  • Dream of never having to find, let alone pay, another developer….

….or having to manage the constant back-and-forth, the documentation, the bug fixes, that come with trusting your idea to someone else….

...and yet -- still getting your product built in record time!

And you do all this without reading 100’s of books….

….or wasting hours online rummaging through user guides and documentation, all of which you have to do before you ever start working on your original idea.

As it turns out - all this may just be possible...

In fact, it’s something that many people just like you have already achieved.

But they only managed to do so because they had access to a framework that let them focus solely on what was important when building their API -- helping them ignore the irrelevant details -- and they quickly deployed a fully-functional API… more often than not in less than 1 day.

All thanks to the knowledge this framework gave them. And today, we’re making this exact same framework available….

--To you.

Introducing: How to Build a Database-driven API Using CodeIgniter

How to Build a Database-driven API Using CodeIgniter

How to Build a Database-driven API Using CodeIgniter’ is an easy-to-follow user guide that lays out the frameworks you need to build a secure API in less than 7 days.

This tried-and-tested method shows you precisely how to develop your first API from scratch - in record time - without ever:

  • Paying for a developer, or
  • Losing precious hours to endless research

In just 6 chapters, you’ll move through the meat of database-driven API development, learning how to expose data to power your real-world idea (all-the-while avoiding the irrelevant tutorials that tell you ‘how to build an app that says “Hello World”’).

….and by zeroing in squarely on the essentials of API development: you’ll get to work on the fun tasks sooner - like what your product will do for your users.

The step-by-step framework teaches you precisely how to:

  • Build a secure API -- in record time (saving a pile of cash while you’re at it)
  • Expose your data -- to a mobile app, a website, a desktop application (or any software), so you can quickly get to work on your product features
  • Maintain your solution -- without having to read 500+ pages of user guides and technical documentation
  • Ensure security -- which would typically require 5+ years of programming experience, but for which you will only need basic developer know-how

As Rest assured... 

We designed this guide for programmers of all abilities: from the beginner with only a few months experience under their belt to the more seasoned engineer.

--To help anyone shift from idea to API in seven days or less.

How one guide solves all your API frustrations

In just four simple steps, you’ll go from nothing to delivering a fully-functional API. 

You’ll use this simple framework to move your idea from your head to your screen - all within 1 week.

We’ll show you:

  1. How to install and configure CodeIgniter
  2. Real-world examples of how to structure your data in a database
  1. How to use CodeIgniter to expose your data (with minimal programming experience required)
  2. How to secure your API to protect your data from external threats

We’ll even delve into more advanced topics (for the brave folk who want to explore ways of querying data to build more sophisticated products).

--And we promise you first-hand…

You will save days (if not weeks), just by reading this one simple guide. 

As you won’t have to endure the all-consuming process of finding and managing a developer. Or, waste hours researching each individual topic. 

In the 4 hours it takes to run through this guide:

  • You’ll become self-sufficient in both building and maintaining an API, and;
  • You’ll feel confident enough in your first API to start building v1 of your product. 

In fact, from this day forth (thanks to the rigour of the framework), you’ll be able to develop any database-driven API, in any which way you want, whenever you want.

Now -- onto the offer.

How to Build a Database-driven API Using CodeIgniter - Early-bird price, just £24.99

We’re releasing our step-by-step guide for the early-bird price of just £24.99

It’s a small investment given the detail on offer. While it’s a framework that took us over five years to perfect. In 6 chapters, we break down the process into digestible bites to help you build your API as fast as humanly possible, covering:

  1. What is an API, and what's CodeIgniter?
  2. How to get started
  3. Creating your first API endpoint
  4. How to structure the data in your database
  5. Advanced topics such as filtering results
  6. How to secure your API

This information alone is worth its weight in gold -- even so, we know you might be thinking...

Can’t I just hire someone else to do it?

Yes, of course you can. You always have the option of hiring a developer to structure your database, expose your data via an API, then add security measures to keep your data safe….

But you’ll pay £500+ in the process (and you’ll have to pay every time you need a change). Not to mention you’re handing control of your idea to a potential stranger. And you’ll have to manage communication, documentation, testing and bug fixing - making it a significant investment of your time as much as your finances.

So, why not just do the research myself?

By all means, if you have the time, feel free to do the research yourself. But we know from personal experience that it takes months to find all the relevant details and learn how to build an API from scratch on your own - and you could still end up with a less-than-perfect outcome, depending on which resources you find.

--While only you know the value of your time.

Or, you can buy ‘How to Build a Database-driven API Using CodeIgniter’ today. 

And access a proven framework that will save you both time and money, and help you develop a skill set that will last a lifetime -- all for just £24.99

"I had an app idea years ago. But I needed an API first - to retrieve the data. 

At the time, I was, let’s say, a ‘low-to-mid-level programmer.’ I wanted to get the app out within a month, so I needed to get the API running as fast as I could. But I couldn't achieve much because of my lack of experience, and there simply weren't any useful resources to learn from.

Long story short: building the API took a lot longer than it should have.

I then stumbled across this eGuide and used the approach to rebuild my original API (albeit for a different service) - I couldn't quite believe it, but it took me less than a day to rebuild what previously took me months!"

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