I have created this page to share which products I have worked on over the years. My products range from software, either in website form or as downloadable apps. Through to eBooks and how-to guides.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about anything detailed in this product list.



Elementary Analytics - See Data, Your Way

Elemantary Analytics - See Data, Your Way - Website and social media analytics

I designed and built this SaaS product to help you make sense of your website and social media analytics. If you have trouble pulling relevant information from Google Analytics, Facebook and Instagram Insights and Twitter. Subscribe to Elementary Analytics and you can create a dashboard linking website traffic and social media interactions together. Need to produce Marketing or Business reports? No problem, Elementary Analytics can help with that too.

LightSwitch - Release Code, Effortlessly - Feature Switching For .Net Projects and Products

LightSwitch - Release Code, Effortlessly - Feature Switching For .Net Projects and Products

I have found it challenging over the years to get code into a Production environment? It is a constant battle with the Business to allocate release windows. Having to go into the office out of hours to get releases done. With LightSwitch you can safely release code into multiple environments and "Switch On" the code for particular customers of users, without impacting all your customers. LightSwitch easily integrates into any .Net project or product. Join Now and Create your first Feature Switch

Plugins and Add-ins

Outflash - Email enhancement add-in for

Outflash - Email Enhancement add-in for

I've always liked and the Outlook desktop app (I'm that old school I still use a email address). After listening to a podcast about a tool that turned Gmail into a mass email tool. I wondered if I could create something similar myself for Outlook. Outflash is a simple, yet effective add-in for Outlook. You can quickly email multiple contacts in one go. You can even customise each message Outflash sends. Giving your emails that personal touch. 


Sensible Backup - Backup your Windows 10 device

Sensible Backup - Backup your Windows device

I couldn't find a backup that was that easy to use. so I decided to get my own built. With Sensible Backup it is as easy as 1-2-3 to backup your Windows 10 device. Our app allows you to quickly and easily specify which files and folders you want to take a copy of. You can also select the location of where to save your files to and when you would like the backups to run. Sensible Backup takes the worry out of keeping your Windows 10 device backed up.

User Guides


How to Build an API in 7 Days (or less!) using CodeIgniter

How to Build an API in 7 Days (or less!) - Using CodeIgniter

Learn how to build a database-driven API in less than a week using CodeIgniter, so you can get on and develop ‘that app idea’ - even if you only have a few months’ programming experience.