Find Your Side Hustle
Find Your Side Hustle
#75 - What you can learn from the phenomenon that is Wordle

I don’t like talking about fads, or the latest trends. Recently something has taken off and become huge. So much so that my wife and I have a daily compteition.

Yes, I’m talking about Wordle.

Wordle impressed me straight from the get go. It could be because I love software and building website. And the fact I record this podcast.

But what can Wordle teach us to help us with our own side hustles and online businesses?

That’s what I’m discussing in this episode.

Show Notes:

00:44 – 01:37 – hello welcome some of the episode of find a side hustle I’m going to be a little bit different today I don’t know where are so I’ve talked about fadzai jump on things like heart for one thing that’s been really popular recently in your wife and I’ve become a little bit dick to it ages the website wordle so doesn’t what I think we could learn from from what what’s happening with wordle when it comes to sort of your your side project your side businesses inside of souls your own business yourself what are you trying to find something because it’s been such a success but I think it’s had a lot of simplicity to it down playing were done but

01:37 – 01:42 – I think some of its simplicity and the way it’s been able to execute

01:44 – 02:15 – it’s just made it such a such as such a success so you see if you see anything from time to time so there’s world at the minute and there was flappy Birds which was an app that went viral years and years ago and what worddle is is best British software developer living and working in the US and he wanted to build a website helping his partner with sort of the skills for

02:17 – 03:17 – rossword and things like that we built this website you know you could share it with people and they are the premises is you got six attempts to complete a 5 word five-letter word sorry and if you get a letter correct but it up to number if you get in the right place will turn green and then you better get old five letters and you can complete it then you can share it with friends and the gentleman sort it for I think he needs a million-pound to New York Times recently and I actually think he’s on the Sword of souls by because I think it’s such a great product and the virology of it and in the way it’s grown and basically it’s just the recently I think it could charge a lot more for it and made a lot more money but can it to him he did it and he felt so whatever

03:17 – 04:17 – is the word linen in if you’re starting normally just a software product but I think and it’s not product of business what can you learn from word also for me Alexa what is done is he’s made it very very simple not to say that it’s not great it’s brilliant what he’s done his executor be the house as well animations in the weather let’s turn the weather in the pop-ups everything is unbelievably well executed but the concept is quite simple and quite straightforward and I just looked at work and I wanted to forecast for while because I’ve just looked at that is amazing and sorry to give context to what I mean is what can I learn what can we learn from were done and then across into a side projects in our online businesses that takes its kind of similar to what word is I want to take something that could be quite complicated and popular

04:17 – 05:04 – Analytics and data and down and display two people in a very simple way and whether they can help on the stand and then side call things like being able to report on it and sort the whole concept that I want to do it is is simple accessible analytics for people with this one click reporting suite and I think I’m very much of their with what I want from the product but I think my execution could be better in terms of how actually works and like I said one look at what word was done and taking inspiration from them in the fact that they’re just done you just done something really really really simple but unbelievably wild

05:06 – 06:04 – Thats given me some inspiration for imaginetics to say that we’re actually a point now where we’ve got sort of a fully formed products let’s not try and make it complicated but how can we know start with finding it and make it excellent one of the great things with wordle is he’s made it sort of very very gamification so basically gamification is a reason to keep coming back again and again and again so once you’ve done the word for that day instead of finding out what it do another one if you do another one in doing other people get exhausted does the tension that he brings to the product where I want to do it again and people remembered to go on the day after and like for example the wife will one of these before the other and in the morning or to the day and then what’s up the other one the to sort the competition and the result and then is case of no one goes and tries to be tomorrow please mate

06:06 – 07:05 – this side gamification in there it’s just unbelievably well done how can I take that into sort of Elementary Analytics so one of the things I’ve done is this sort of insights email that all kind of ok how’s your website traffic starts got up 5% in a 24-hour period to look at the stats yesterday and increased by 5% the day before yes ok cars that I’m going to email the user to then go and look into Elementary Analytics to look at the in size but then experiment with that is that a gamification of people saying operate I’ve got a 5% increase can I do that again the day after and can I you know see what I’m trying to do so the username and email it takes two to SO45 what they doing on social media or blog in the odds to try and prove so that’s one of the things that are taken from wordle into me home products that aren’t on the main focus on and the other side Project

07:05 – 07:12 – has given me a lot of inspiration for that because

07:14 – 08:13 – weather come up with the idea I wanted to do these things like camera functionality how-to’s and videos instructions the main premise was being able to have a digital diarrhoea digital log efficient chips and I’ve been quite a lot of feedback from from One Gentleman in particular and he’s been really really good and he wants more features for when it goes fishing in terms of recording what is doing not bothered about the functionality or hope to guides are fish Finders and things like that he wants to be able to record what he’s doing every time you go fishing in a more advanced and structured work and what were does Canada look in a light bulb gone off woman with element sorry that was a bit camp to go right ok then my basic structure for that product

08:14 – 09:12 – what I want to do with forward but myself simplest to that product is recording fishing trips how can I make the best experience to do and it could get a little bit complicated it could be advanced features in there they can put behind a paywall but ultimately the simple goal is being the best at recording allowing people to record fishing so that’s recording what the car what they used O’Brien pictures doing more patient Guides and maybe like advanced features well if the fish two different locations on a particular day recording that so there’s quite a lot days are they can do that but the premises becoming the best at recording them trips and that’s it why should have become anything else and then it does it instead of trying to sort of have 45 different things and it can do but not great I’m going to go and go really deep inside of

09:14 – 09:22 – the diary entries I think world giving me a real inspiration for that in that product as well to sort of ok

09:23 – 09:46 – just focusing this one section go really really deep an excuse unbelievably well on that so I think if you are building a software product or digital products well it’s mobile app a piece of software our website just look at word and just try and take inspiration from execution on the simplicity I think it’s an inspiration and I think

09:47 – 10:47 – know what people made listen to this in the middle all the things I want to do like some products and time I’m going to do another podcast about this actually think about physical products and you what my idea was maybe for a 5 different products our product range but actually do I just go and make one physical product that’s it and it executes on when I cannot wait for that product so I think you can still take it away from it from other projects and just look at it and it could be a case of just take inspiration from Worthing that have executed in laxatives gamification its ability to scale so you’re simplistic could be OK will do some sort of product to do some crafting looks like say what can we do simply that’s better than anyone else right what it could be the customer support you do you actually cute unbelievably well and that and it’s very

10:47 – 11:46 – how you communicate with people but you do it extremely well you could the supporting material that goes with it could be simple but again unbelievably well executed so let’s say you’re selling let’s see you’re selling I think one of the things that people doing at the minute selling digital planners and used used used to the markets could you make it simple but also could you support material be unbelievably well done in how to get the best out the planner instead of just letting people use it that could be a differentiator and what’s the what’s the thing that you can really execute on simple level customer support backup material or whatever they do this differentiate that what word has had that’s basically with very little market and just word-of-mouth it’s escalated into this bit like the phenomenon in my eyes

11:47 – 12:47 – so I think there’s a lot of 5 lessons to be learnt by behind the story and buy the product that it is currently know whether you up to x when they’re not get ruin the little bit only time will tell but in the current version and when it was when he was running it it was it was brilliant it was it really really well done and just had all the right environment in it and was able to to grow by word of mouth marketing which is sort of the dream for a lot of people to to be able to do and is no look for bin been rewarded for it for his brilliant so fair play to him well done hats off to you if my cat to you and yeah let’s hope you can start bringing stuff to the world clubs executed like to see what else is going to do next but yeah but if you

12:47 – 13:47 – come up with an idea you’re struggling with what to do on what direction and it’s something that I should be with all the time is what can you think of a nice saying and a nice sort of philosopher called way of saying it but how can you ask you on simplicity how can you be a god at executing on something that maybe not that simple but what you demist simple what you think he is straightforward and what you can execute on them and what’s the one thing that you can do on it so I think it’s something that I listened aqualearn a while back but now it’s giving me inspiration and and and start thinking ok don’t go abroad good deep and execute I keep myself but yeah that’s today’s lesson on learning throbbing and it’s something I hope you you can take some Chinese phone as well just execution on the simplicity and

13:47 – 14:27 – what date the one thing that you would like something to be or do or how you want it to work yeah it’s not episodes been useful if you could reach out to me on social media I get people to listen to the podcast I’ll be able to help but have you got an idea and you’re struggling to to sort of refined and get the sort of simple execution reach out to my mother happy to to put my ideas in and help you out and give you my feedback as well thanks up the lining of the past decade and also the day

14:28 – 15:09 – decide 2-years I’ve been doing this podcast now I’ve learnt a lot being able to talk about it is giving me a good sort of love you things so I’m more than happy to help out if you’re struggling where the side project just let me know reach out to me and yeah I look forward to speaking to you on the next episode episode of The Final Fantasy podcast I wonder if I could ask a favour if you would like this episode it would be great if you could take a screenshot of it on your phone and share on social media and tag people who you think might be listening to what we’ve been chatting about thanks for listening and I’ll speak to you soon

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