Find Your Side Hustle
Find Your Side Hustle
#17 - Self talk, confidence, straightening spaghetti and finding your one superpower with Steve Lloyd

In this episode I’m excited to introduce my third podcast guest, Steve Lloyd. Steve currently runs Exhibition Mastery and helps other businesses with his Vantage Point workshops.

We discuss a wide range of topics, like to how to straighten spaghetti. Looking after your customers and the 4 factors of customer service. How to talk to yourself and build confidence. We go deep into Steve’s journey of starting a business and having to side step due to COVID-19.

Thanks to Steve Lloyd for being a guest on the podcast. It was an honour and a privilege.
If you would like to know more about Steve and his businesses please follow the links below


Steve’s LinkedIn – Connect with Steve on LinkedIn

Exhibition Mastery – Check out Steve’s main business