Find Your Side Hustle
Find Your Side Hustle
#54 - The mind-boggling process of how to price your product from feedback that people have given you.

You have got your product built and are working hard to get it out to the world.

But, how do you price the product?

This has been a huge headache for me. Since I first started developing Elementary Analytics.

Everyone is so quick to give you their feedback. What happens with that feedback contradicts each other and you are no closer to working this out.

In this episode, I discuss how I first priced Elementary Analytics. What sort of feedback I’ve been getting related to the price. And how I’ve gone about changing the product and pricing model off the back of this feedback.


Elementary Analytics helps you review your Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn stats. All in a single dashboard. Allowing you to review how all this data ties together, and spot which posts are performing the best. Stop blocking out hours from your week, to export all your data from these platforms. Only to spend hours on the mundane task of data collation and review.
Elementary Analytics does all this for you. We are offering a 14-day free trial, so you can register and start using our software no questions asked. We won’t ask for a credit card when you sign up. Use our service for 14 days and only subscribe to one of our paid plans, once you are sure it’s for you.

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