#11 – Automated Accumulator

I thought I had finally cracked this side hustle thing. From “curing my own headache” I came up with a SaaS product which was a niche, within a niche, within a niche. It took about 18 months to build and I managed to land my first ever paying customer. To say I was over the … Read more#11 – Automated Accumulator

#7 – Freelancing

Many people try to escape from their job by side stepping into the Freelance world. I’ve personally tried this a few times with little success. However, it has been a valuable skill to have, as I have been able to build up a modest list of contacts. These people have helped me over the years … Read more#7 – Freelancing

#4 – Sketchbook Guru

In this episode I discuss the first ever side project a friend and I started working on. It never saw the “light of day”, I learned a lot from it though. A friend came to me with an idea for a website, basically LinkedIn for start-ups. He had no idea where to start, or if … Read more#4 – Sketchbook Guru

#3 – My Origin Story

Everyone loves a good origin story. Marvel has done it with Wolverine. Star Wars with Han Solo. Here is my origin story. The 18 months, 2 years of my life that led up to a point where I said, enough is enough. I have to do something for myself and really focus on my side … Read more#3 – My Origin Story