Find Your Side Hustle
Find Your Side Hustle
#31 - Outflash - Finding, validating, building, promoting and getting your first paying customer

If you have listened to a few episodes of Find Your Side Hustle. You have probably realized I normally jump in, both feet first.

In this episode, I chat about coming up with an idea for a product by seeing what someone else has done, then building something that is the same but different.

Next, I touch upon the steps I went through to do “market validation”. To see if it is something people actually want and are willing to use and pay, before going away and building it.

I also quickly chat about the tech stack I use to build and run Outflash.

With Outflash I hit the first big milestone. I got a paying customer. Someone has subscribed to one of the paid plans for Outflash.

It works. After years of trying this felt like a turning point for me.