#39 – Use your hobby to help people with their mental health with Dave Lyons

Find Your Side Hustle
Find Your Side Hustle
#39 - Use your hobby to help people with their mental health with Dave Lyons

In this episode, I’m excited to introduce another guest to the podcast, Dave Lyons. Dave has had a very interesting journey and has battled with anxiety. He found that a hobby really helped him with his mental health. On the back of this, Dave has started a community interest company to help others with their mental health. It’s an amazing story and something we can all aspire to.

We discuss the positives and negatives Dave has experienced in launching a business. What it is actually like starting a business, the day-to-day learnings and continued hard work that is needed to make it a success. Dave also talks a bit more in-depth about how much effort it takes to build a community on a social media platform like Facebook.

Thanks to Dave Lyons for being a guest on the podcast. It was an honour and a privilege.

If you would like to know more about Dave and his business click the links below.


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