Find Your Side Hustle
Find Your Side Hustle
#51 - Having to pick between a 9-5 and your side hustle and be careful with your 'personal brand' with Chris Hutchings

In this episode, I’m excited to welcome Chris Hutchings of eOpinion onto the podcast.

Chris started eOpinion back in 2015 and always thought it forever be a side hustle. Bringing in a bit of extra cash each month, instead of his sole focus.

Being torn between an excellent job, and eOpinion growing and demanding more time. Chris had to make a tough choice and pick between them. So glad he picked the side hustle.

We discuss the positives, and negatives Chris has experienced with eOpinion. We also touch upon how personal branding helps you promote a side hustle, and how it can be a fine balancing act. Between being true to who you are, or turning into a “product”.

Thanks to Chris Hutchings for being a guest on the podcast.

It was an honour and a privilege.

If you would like to know more about Chris and his business, check out the links below.


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