Find Your Side Hustle
Find Your Side Hustle
#35 - Put yourself in other people's shoes to provide value and have fun along the way with Ben Currier

In this episode, I’m excited to introduce another guest to the podcast, Ben Currier. Ben is hilarious and on the majority of his projects, he adds in a sense of fun and craziness. Like me, Ben has never been comfortable in the corporate world. Being highly intelligent and working in the finance world he has been able to use his skills to create a side hustle around the dull topic of Excel. In which he has been able to build an email list of well over 10,000 people. WOW, great work Ben.

We discuss the positives and negatives Ben has experienced in launching and working on a wide range of side hustles. Taking the first steps of getting an idea out there. The difficult task of having and building self-confidence in yourself. Learning the skills you need by taking online courses. Most importantly have fun and entertain yourself along the way

Thanks to Ben Currier for being a guest on the podcast, I’ve not laughed that hard for a while.

It was an honour and a privilege.

If you would like to know more about Ben’s current side hustle, upcoming projects, and podcasts click the links below.


Excel Exposure – Check out Ben’s main side hustle

Sweat Pants Music – Listen to Ben’s music

Failure Guy – Follow Ben’s podcast

Wide Net Podcast – Check out all of Ben’s podcasts


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