#37 – Developing empathy and keep a journal of all your ideas with Ashley Hardman

Find Your Side Hustle
Find Your Side Hustle
#37 - Developing empathy and keep a journal of all your ideas with Ashley Hardman

In this episode, I’m excited to introduce another guest to the podcast, my cousin, Ashley Hardman. Ashley has an interesting background and has set up his own business while working a “traditional job”. Coming from a creative background, he has found starting a business both challenging and rewarding.

We discuss the positives and negatives Ashley has experienced in launching a business. What it is actually like starting a business, the day-to-day effort and continued hard work that is needed to make it a success. Ashley discusses how key it is to be adaptable and look to people you admire, to learn from their experiences. As well as keeping a journal of all your ideas, as you don’t know when they will come in handy.

Thanks to Ashley Hardman for being a guest on the podcast. It was an honour and a privilege.

If you would like to know more about Ashley and his business click the links below.


Purple Ape’s Instagram – Follow Purple Ape Productions’ Instagram

Ashley’s Website – Check out Ashley site.


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