7 Easy Steps to Create A Group Email in Outlook


Have you ever had to create a group email in outlook to a group of people, for instance, a birthday party invitation to your close friends and family?

Or it could even be a business email to your employees, colleagues, clients, investors, etc. And you got so frustrated copying and pasting the message for every email address you had to send it to.

Well, say goodbye to wasting precious seconds that you can spend earning more money to being with family!

How to create a group email in outlook

Sending group emails with outlook is quite easy once you get the hang of it. There are two ways to create and send group emails in outlook. You can create group emails in outlook either by forming a contact group or by using an outlook add-in to send better, more professional and more personalized group emails.

How to create group emails in outlook by creating a contact group.

A contact group is a distribution list or distribution group that allows you to send emails to several persons at once by adding just a single entry in the ‘to’ field.

You can always add more names to a contact group or remove some names from it. Contact groups should be named according to their purposes. For example, you can have a contact group named ‘family and friends’ and another named ‘prospective clients’.

Creating a contact group on outlook is very easy, with these 7 steps, you can send bulk emails without stress.

How to create a contact group for sending group emails in outlook.

  1. Open the Outlook app on your desktop. 
  2. Click the contact or people icon on the bottom left of the window.
  1.  Click New Contact Group on outlook’s main ribbon, at the top of the window.
  1. Give your contact group a name that is easy to remember and suits the purpose of its creation. Here, you must be careful to use a name that is not very similar to another contact name so you do not inadvertently send an email to the wrong person or group of people. 
  2. Click ‘add members’ and select the people you want to be in that contact group by double-clicking each name, then click ok.
  1. If you want to add someone who is not on your contacts list, simply select ‘new email contact’ and enter the person’s email address.
  1. Click save and close.

Now that you have a contact group, when next you want to send a group mail using outlook, simply enter the name of that contact group in the ‘to’ line of the address box. Type in your message and click on send. Outlook will automatically send that mail to everyone saved under that contact name. 

Pros and Cons of using outlook to send group emails.


There are certainly some advantages to using outlook to send group emails. For one, it’s free! So if you are looking for a way to send group emails without spending a dime, then you might want to use it. It also helps you send emails to more than one person at a time ( however with a daily limit). Outlook helps you reach out to people easily. 


  • A notification is sent to every member of your contact group immidiately you create one.
  • You cannot send a test email to know if your group was properly created. If future emails will reach every member.
  • The recipients of any email you send will be able to see the email address of every other person in the contact group written in the “to” line. This might be regarded as spam by the recipient email service provider. So your email might never get opened, might be ignored by the recipient. Or you might violate the privacy of some individuals in your contact group.
  • It is difficult or near impossible to follow up on emails and to get feedback data to analyse the success of your email campaign.
  • Time consuming as you will have to reply to each email individually.
  • Creating a group email in outlook means that you cannot send personalized emails.
  • Your content may be distorted if your recipient is using a different version of Outlook.
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