About Me – Guitar Playing Software Developing Fisherman

Nice to meet you, I’m Phil

I am a bit of a coffee fiend and a regular gym monkey. I have done numerous extreme events, two Tough Mudders no doubt. Spending my weekends course fishing and watching sport. I love all type of seafood. I can also play the guitar (just) and I play left handed, like my hero Jimi Hendrix. Keep on reading to find a bit more about me.

Oh I’m a big Bolton Wandereres fan too. COYWM!!!!

A Bit More About Me

Software Development

I have always had an interest in computers from a young age. Got a spectrum ZX 128K when I was 4, first PC at 13. Been tinkering with software ever since.

After studying for a Computing Science degree I have been working as a Software Developer since mid 2007. I have been fortunate enough to work for some excellent companies. I’m predominantly a .Net Developer which has been the main technology that I have used in my professional career. Cloud Computing is also an area that I have gained a lot of knowledge in.

I have used all sorts of tech in my spare time, freelancing and working on side projects. From Android and Java through to WordPress and everything in between

Freelance Word and Side Hustles

I have undertaken a variety of freelance work and released numerous products for myself. Always trying to start various side hustles, some successful, some not. If you would like to find out a bit more of the kind of things I have worked on. Head over to my professional website PHH Digital.

About My Hobbies & Interests

Health & Fitness

About Me - Phillip Hughes

As I have already touched on, I like exercise and challenging myself with a few extreme events. To date, I have done 2 Half Marathon’s. 2 Manchester 10k’s. 2 Tough Mudder’s and A Born Survivor.

I’m currently trying meditation to help me with my focus and concentration, as well as the other benefits it can bring. I’m also trying to teach myself Spanish. Can be a bit of a challenge with my strong Bolton accent

Diet wise, I try and follow a Primal/Paleo way of eating and exercising. It has its challenges.

Music and Guitar

In my early teens, I saved up and bought my first Electric Guitar. I’m always trying to find time to play more, although I’m not great and are embarrassed to play in front of people, even my wife.

I’ve been through a few different guitars. Currently I own an acoustic and an Epiphone Les Paul which I love. Always wanted a proper Gibson Les Paul, had to make do with this one for the time being. Look how beautiful it is.


If I get chance I like to get outdoors and go Fishing. As a pastime I love it. It is very Marmite though, you either love of hate it.

I mainly do course fishing on Lakes and Reservoirs. Tried a little bit of River and Sea Fishing. Like nothing better to be sat beside a lake though.

If you would like to know more about me please get in touch